Nailsea Karate

Backwell Karate. Nailsea Karate run two classes every Wednesday evening at Nailsea School, near the town centre. The 6.30pm class trains in the sports hall and caters for adult and children, from complete beginners right through to 4th kyus (purple and white belts). The 7.40pm class trains in the dance studio and is for adults and children from 5th kyu and above. By separating the classes these helps the club to tailor the classes better, so you will learn techniques and movements that are appropriate for your level of experience - so no one has to feel out of their depth.

For those looking for more training, Nailsea's sister club, Backwell Karate, also trains on Friday evenings and Sunday mornings.

Nailsea Karate cover a full traditional Karate syllabus, taking you through Karate basics, kata (traditional sequences or forms) and sparring, from controlled drills for beginners right through to free sparring for those more experienced.

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Training times

junior grade class:
(beginner - 4th kyu)
advanced class:
(5th kyu+)

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Starting at Nailsea Karate

Find out more about starting at Nailsea Karate, visit the club homepage.