Backwell Karate

Backwell Karate. Backwell Karate train at Backwell Parish Hall, on the A370, halfway between Bristol and Weston-super-Mare.

Backwell Karate train twice each week, on Friday evenings and Sunday mornings, and both are held in the Parish Hall at Backwell crossroads. Training sessions are for mixed ages and abilities, meaning they're perfect for both individuals and families alike.

Backwell Karate covers a full traditional Karate syllabus, taking you through Karate basics, kata (traditional sequences or forms) and sparring, from controlled drills for beginners right through to free sparring for those more experienced.

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Training times

Fridays:6.30-7.30pm (beginner to 4th kyu)
 7.30-8.30pm (3rd kyu+)
Sundays:10.00-11.00am (all grades)

Getting there

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Starting at Backwell Karate

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